Des élèves à Sudbury mettent en valeur la sécurité de l’eau

Des élèves à Sudbury mettent en valeur la sécurité de l’eau, The Sudbury Star, le dimanche 21 juin 2015

On a annoncé le nom des gagnants du Concours annuel sur les cours d’eau rapide à la Place Tom Davies.
Fast Flowing Water 2015 winners, Sudbury Star article

The winners include Grade 4 winner Mika Blachette, of Cyril Varney Public School, Grade 5 winner Justin Lancup, of St. Dominique, Grade 6 winner Jacey-Lynn Batchilder, of Holy Cross, Grade 7 winner Sarah Kenny, of Lansdowne Public School, video contest winner Hope Tyson, of Marymount Academy, and Grade 8 winner and overall contest winner Kelly Mazerolle, of St. Anne, represented by her mom, Jeannette Boudreau.

The contest was an initiative of the Junction Creek Safety Committee shortly after 13-year-old Adam Dickie drowned on August 25, 2007, in Junction Creek.

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