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Herve and Ursula Sauve


Herve Sauve was born in Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario and obtained a BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa as well as a Law degree from Queen's.

He moved to Sudbury in July of 1970 to start his career as an Assistant Crown Attorney and later became Head Crown in 1975. In 1992 Herve went into private law practice until 2001.

Ursula Sauve was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland and, due to a desire to learn English and travel the world, came to visit her aunt and uncle in Sudbury in 1970.

Herve and Ursula met soon after, married and built a life together in Sudbury, exploring the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area with their three sons. Ursula went on to complete a degree in Social Work at Laurentian University in 1986.

The two of them have organized and participated in a broad range of community activities, including ski-loppets and canoe and bike races; they've also served as board members for social service agencies, leisure and sports clubs, and hospitals. Ursula was a driving force behind the Bridge of Nations. The two began part-time retirement when they backpacked around the world in 2001 and now are proud to show off the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to their grandchildren.

Herve and Ursula are proud to not only be "Friends" of Lake Laurentian but also to become "Patrons" of this wonderful green space in the middle of our city. As two non-natives of Sudbury and experienced world travellers who saw countless beautiful places all over the planet, they can attest that Sudbury with all it has to offer, is the best place on earth to call home and to raise a family.