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Bill Lautenbach

lautenbachBill Lautenbach hails from the Grand Rapids area in Michigan and studied Conservation and Natural Resource Administration in Michigan and Colorado.

He came to Sudbury in 1975 and began working as a Planner for the Region. Bill was involved in developing the Regional Official Plan and numerous Secondary Plans for the various communities that made up the region.

Over the years, Bill held a number of positions, including Senior Planner, Director of Planning and Development, Commissioner of Planning and Development, and General Manager of Growth and Development.

Bill was integral in leveraging senior government job creation programs to start the large-scale Re-Greening program in Sudbury in 1978, and is a key reason for the program's long-term success.

Other examples of Bill's vision and passion for the natural environment include the development of the Junction Creek Waterway Park Plan and leading the preparation of the Ramsey Lake Community Improvement Plan- 100 Year Vision.