Flood Control

The Nickel District Conservation Authority (NDCA) has major flood controlflood control image dams and other water management structures. The NDCA addresses serious problems in identified risk areas due to flooding and erosion; provide a range of recreational opportunities on authority owned/managed lands.

  • To provide flood and erosion protection for existing development.
  • To reduce potential flood damages to buildings, roads, bridges, etc., that can be affected by flooding
  • To provide recreation and conservation opportunities for users of Authority owned/managed lands along rivers/streams or in environmentally significant areas.
  • To maximize use of limited dollars available to complete these high priority, local projects.
Who Benefits?

flood control image

  • Individuals landowners/business impacted by flooding or erosion.
  • General public, community groups, students, etc.,using passive recreation areas.
  • Municipalities.
  • Local contractors who carry out much of the work.
  • Individuals and agencies share new ideas and expertise.
  • Developers where lands can be removed form hazard areas and put to production uses in various communities.
  • The natural environment.

Flood Preparedness & Information