Current Year Budget & Work Plan

Conservation Sudbury’s current responsibilities include flood control, flood forecasting and warning, hazard land regulation, drinking water source protection, stewardship and environmental education. With the effects of climate change being experienced there is a need to inform the community about the impacts on our waters, infrastructure and other watershed values. Climate science confirms our watershed resources are in transition and models predict this will likely continue over time. Our 2022 Work Plan identifies goals for the year under these different responsibilities. Conservation Sudbury watershed

Conservation Sudbury is committed to delivering services that can be afforded by our municipal partner, while at the same time ensuring that watershed residents get the best value for tax dollars. To meet these objectives board members and staff strive to follow best practices and seek opportunities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The 2022 Conservation Sudbury Budget provide the details of the program that are proposed in an effort to protect the local watersheds. The success of the conservation program is heavily dependent on partnerships with all levels of government, a wide array of non-government organizations, community groups, and residents.

Conservation Sudbury will provide leadership, watershed management action, and support for others, but success depends on a collective effort.