Current Fee Schedule 2019

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Conservation Sudbury 2019 Plan Review Fee Schedule. For a printable version of the Schedule "B" fees  CLICK HERE

Schedule "B" Fees: Development and Alteration to Waterways Program Fees(1)

(Section 28 - Conservation Authorities Act)(2)

Small Works:
  • Accessory buildings and structures* with a floor area of less than 20 meters square
  • Additions with less than or equal to 20 meters square
  • Fill activity(3) less than 100 cubic meters 
  • Toe protection less than 50 meters with vegetative shore land buffer.


Standard Works:
  • New Buildings, reconstruction, foundation reconstruction, accessory buildings and structures,
    *and additions with a total gross floor area of 20 to 100 square meters
  • Fill activity(3) of 100 to 500 cubic meters, or grading on a property less than .5 hectares in area 
  • Shoreline alterations less than 50 meters in length Infrastructure maintenance** 
  • Channel maintenance** less than or equal to 200 meters in length or .5 hectares in area


Large Works:
  • Buildings with a total gross floor area of 100 to 450 square meters
  • Fill activity(3) to 501 to 2000 cubic metres, or grading on property .5 to 1.0 hectares in size
  • Shoreline alterations between 50 and 500 meters in length
  • Infrastructure like, but not limited to, bridges, culverts, utility crossings less than or equal to 25 metres in width/span
  • Channel maintenance** greater than 200 metres in length or .5 hectares in area


Major Works:
  • Multiple unit projects or buildings greater than 450 square meters in area or more than 1 hectare per property
  • Fill activity(3) greater than 2,000 cubic meters, or grading on a property greater than 1.0 hectares in area
  • Shoreline alterations greater than 500 meters in length
  • Infrastructure like, but not limited to bridges, culverts, utility crossings greater than 25 meters in width/span, and stormwater management ponds
  • Channelization and alteration to a waterway



Applications which are amended or resubmitted after approval and including modifications to approved erosion and sediment plans.

50% Surcharge


To extend a previously issued permit received within one year of expiry, a fee of $100 is required. Any changes to the plans or a lapse of more than one year will require a full review and the Revisions fee (above) shall apply.



Review of applications retro-active to project commencement (violations)

100% Surcharge

Development Review Hearing or Appeal

No charge to applicant

Property Inquiries Clearances & Building Permits
  • For written responses to legal, real estate, financial institutions, inquiries on behalf of land-owners or others.
  • For clearance to Chief municipal Building Official

$100/letter (minimum)


Other Services:
  • NDCA Technical Reports & Documents
  • Floodplain Maps (up to 11" x 17")
  • Map (full sheet printed)
  • Electronic (scanned)

$0.50/page up to 8.5 x 14"

$1.00/page $10.00/sheet


  1. Where a technical report is required in support of an application, the technical report fee is extra (See Schedule "A" - Planning Advisory Program)
  2. Fill activity involves placement, removal, and/or grading material. It also includes shoreline alteration, natural erosion control measures, etc.
  3. Charges are per application. Permit fees are considered a processing fee and are non-refundable.


  • Municipalities are exempt from the fee schedule, but not the requirement to obtain a permit.
  • Projects under The Drainage Act carried out by, or on behalf of the municipality, are exempt from this fee schedule.
  • Projects carried out by the NDCA or under the supervision of the NDCA are exempt from this fee schedule.

*Accessory buildings or structures shall include sheds, retaining walls, gazebos, decks, etc., which are non-habitable.

** Maintenance shall mean no change in size, location, or shape. EXCLUDES dredging, channel diversion or realignments, etc.

Effective Date of Fee Schedule: April 2, 2002 Revised Date(s)

Revised Date(s):

i)   January 1, 2003
ii)  January 28, 2007
iii) February 2, 2009
iv) January 20, 2011
v)  April 1, 2013
vi) January 1, 2019

The Nickel District Conservation Authority reserves the right to revise this fee schedule at any time without notice, subject to the approval of the General Board.

Permits are issued for a two (2) year period. Significant alteration to a plan, or changed ownership is subject to a new permit application.


Report A Spill

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Changes to the Federal Fisheries Act

On November 25, 2013, amendments to the Fisheries Act came into force.

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