Greater Sudbury Climate Change Consortium

Our Mission Statement

purple-flowersWe will help the community of Greater Sudbury adapt and work to halt changes in our local climate.
A network of organizations... united to act on climate change.

The Greater Sudbury Climate Change Consortium is a network of partner organizations who have a stake in ensuring the City of Greater Sudbury is able to adapt to climate change impacts. 

  • Engage the community in dialogue about Greater Sudbury's changed climate and the need for adaptation and mitigation;
  • Identify solutions to local problems created by the effects of global climate change;
  • Act to reduce, remove, and avoid the threats, risks and negative impacts of climate change in Greater Sudbury;
  • Contribute to bold, innovative work that can increase the community's capacity to adapt to climate change;
  • Develop and maintain a respect for nature within the consortium and community to help guide actions on climate change.

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