Camp Bitobig Policies on Medical Needs or Exceptionalities

Peanut and Tree-Nut Awareness Policy

Our facility is a Nut-Aware facility, meaning that we do not permit peanut or tree-nut products on site. However, due to the multi-use nature of our facility and the numerous campers in our program, we cannot guarantee a peanut-free or tree-nut-free setting.

Bitobig campers

Campers with Medical needs and/or Exceptionalities

Camp Bitobig welcomes campers with Medical Needs and/or Exceptionalities into our programs. In order to provide the best possible camp experience, we ask that parents/guardians provide us with information about how to best support your child’s needs.If your camper has any medical condition or exceptionality identified, you will be contacted with a form to complete with a recent photo and treatment plan information. This information will be posted discreetly in the office for staff information only.

Allergies: If your camper has allergies requiring an Epi-pen or other type of auto-injector, please provide two Epi-pens – one to stay in your camper’s backpack, that will be carried back and forth to camp so that it is accessible on the bus and at the pool. The second can be left for the week with us and will be kept in the first-aid kit that the counsellor carries at all times.

Camp Bitobig staff are not qualified/trained to provide services for children with additional needs. As a general rule, if any of the following apply at school, then the same level of support must be provided for that child while attending Camp Bitobig:

  • extra support is provided at school for medical needs (e.g. insulin injections etc.)

  • extra support is provided at school (i.e. beyond the assigned standard classroom teacher) for behavioural or social reasons

  • additional life-skills support is required e.g. when dressing, toileting, eating

If you plan to send your child to camp with a support worker, please inform us of this at least one week before your child attends Camp Bitobig.

Support Worker

Camp Bitobig is not in a position to provide support workers. Parents may come in to administer medical support (e.g. insulin injections), however they are not permitted to act as their child's full day support worker. If a camper has not been sent with a support worker but one is deemed to be required, parents will be informed and required to arrange for support to be provided before the camper can return to camp. If adequate information or support staff are not provided so that we are unable to safely host the child, the child will be not be able to continue with the camp; a refund will be issued for any full days not attended.

CLICK HERE for the PDF of Camp Bitobig Policies.


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