About Friends of Lake Laurentian

The vision and determination of people in the past have protected this natural treasure. This hidden gem Lake Laurentian Conservation area is located within city limits. 

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area (LLCA) is a scenic natural area that provides a tranquil wilderness setting which is easily accessible by car or bicycle. This area offers 2,400 acres of protected green space in which to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Sudbury.

We are committed to being a model urban conservation area by supporting:
  • clearly marked trails
  • walkways over wetlands
  • access and parking
  • restoration of bio-diversity in the ecosystem
  • Galliard Island - a Ramsey Lake research site
  • accessibility for people with special needs
  • experiential educational activities
  • creation of a premier education center
The LLCA offers four seasons of outdoor activities:
  • hiking,
  • biking,
  • paddling,
  • bird watching,
  • fishing,
  • snowshoeing and groomed cross country ski and snowshoe trails.

The area provides boundless opportunities for users to experience northern Ontarioʼs great outdoors.

LLCA runs environmental education programs for schools in the spring, fall and winter, and Camp Bitobig during the summer months. These programs provide an opportunity for youth to participate in many outdoor activities, and in turn form an appreciation for our natural environment.

These are today's children who will be tomorrow's stewards of our natural heritage.

Providing environmental education for over 40 years is only one of the many benefits this facility provides, with something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this special area.

It is our task as stewards to see this scenic natural area is protected and enhanced for future generations. 

We're on the right path.




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