Drinking Water Source Protection

Source protection is done on a watershed basis. It is the best way to manage water as it flows across the watershed and crosses forests, farmlands, towns and cities. Along the way it is affected by many different activities - some good and some bad.

The role of NDCA is to coordinate source protection on a watershed basis, establish and support a multi-stakeholder source protection committee and co-ordinate the development of the source water protection plan. The NDCA will work with the municipality, local stakeholders and the community, to provide technical expertise, administrative support and advice for plan development.

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COVID-19 UPDATE (February 16, 2021)

The Conservation Sudbury office at 199 Larch St is open to the public by appointment only. 

Please contact the office at 705-674-5249 or ndca@conservationsudbury.ca

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is open for passive walk-through only recreation. Groups must be from the same household.

For more details, please read this statement.

Camp Bitobig 2021 Registrations start April 28, details here.

Meeting Notices

The next board meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2021, at 4:30 PM. The meeting will be held via teleconference but is still open to the public. Details on how to join will be in the agenda.

Conservation Sudbury Strategic Plan 2017

Conservation Sudbury Strategic Plan 2017 CLICK HERE to read the full report.